Mission 1: jdph rq dw whq

Mission 2: with great power comes great responsibility

Mission 3: use the force

Mission 4: erfvfg gur qnex fvqr

Mission 5: rot3 encoding: i will wait for a signal

Mission 6: grouped: lzloo zdlwi rudvl jqdo

Mission 7: rot3 encoding: recount the letters

Mission 8: rot5 encoding: treasure in the little trunk

Mission 9: computer science

Mission 10:
112 114 111 103 114 97 109 109 105 110 103

114 111 99 107 115 33

Mission 11: live long and prosper

Mission 12:

Mission 13: gssvg twmkm uemqz lrcsx kcc

Mission 14: begin escape midnight

Mission 15: learn new ciphers

Mission 16: 42.4.3 42.5.3 42.7.4 42.13.2

Bonus Mission: Rot13 grouped




Professor and Author

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John Redden

John Redden

Professor and Author

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