Graphing Lines — SOS!

Free printable graph paper and graphing lines help.

TL;DR — All you really need is a few sheets of graph paper. Here you will find printable sheets. In addition, there are some notes and videos for actually graphing lines found in any Beginning Algebra course.

Your graphs will look better if you have graph paper.

However, you will most surely not need a whole notebook’s worth. Save some time and money by just printing a few pages. These files have squares perfect for graphing. Two kinds, classic squared and progressive lined with dots.

Classic Squares

Classic Squared Graph Paper PDF — [ MSword docx ]

Progressive Lined with Dots

Progressive Dotted Horizontal Lined PDF[ MSword docx ]

In practice, the standard method for graphing lines makes use of the slope and the y-intercept. If the the equation looks like y = mx + b, then we start with they y -intercept (0, b) and the mark out the slope (m = rise/run) to get a second point. Draw a line through the two points and your done.

Here is an animated GIF of the process.

Now of course, there are lots of subtleties that go with this. So here are some free notes from my website.

3.1 Rectangular Coordinate System
3.2 Graph by Plotting Points
3.3 Graph using Intercepts
3.4 Graph using the y-intercept and Slope
3.5 Finding Linear Equations
3.6 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

And here is my “Graphing Lines” playlist on YouTube. You will find one of each and every type.

There you go — I can only hope this helps someone out there. If you are interested in more Algebra help, check out this post on Medium:



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