Visual Homeschooling Math Help

TL;DR — I have created a visually searchable list of problems that are worked out on YouTube. It’s free, no login and ready for you to search — Visually Searchable Video Compendium. Simply click on a problem to watch it worked out on YouTube.

  • Have you found yourself searching endlessly on the internet, paging through countless websites looking for similar math problems?
  • Are you having difficulty with math search terms?
  • Have you been overwhelmed, stressed, and have simply given up?
  • Do you feel inadequate because you can not help your child with basic math?


It’s OK. If you cannot help your child with math, please know that teaching math is hard, specialized work. Ask any grizzled math teacher!


One of the most common problems I see with homeschooling children is that the math is too easily ignored, skipped, and generally neglected. Be honest with yourself, aware of this issue, and most importantly — don’t beat yourself up!

The good news is that there is a ton of math help on the web. The bad news is that this fact does not make it enjoyable nor easy. Just as math is usually not a students favorite topic — it’s typically not a homeschooling parent’s neither!

Here is my modest effort to help with NOTES and associated VIDEOS at the bottom of each page. Open Algebra is totally free and no login is required— you will find tons of linked YouTube videos.

Below is a topical list — click on a problem to see it worked out in YouTube.

Chapter 1 — Real Numbers and Their Operations

Chapter 2 — Linear Equations and Inequalities

Chapter 3 — Graphing Lines

Chapter 4 — Solving Linear Systems

Chapter 5 — Polynomials and Their Operations

Chapter 6 — Factoring and Solving by Factoring

Chapter 7 — Rational Expressions and Equations

IA Chapter — Radical Expressions and Equations

IA Chapter — Solving Inequalities

IA Chapter — Graphing Basic Functions

IA Chapter — Exponential Equations and Logarithms

IA Chapter — Graphing Conic Sections

Times are really stressful right now, I honestly hope this can ease some of the collective anxiety! If you find helpful please clap and share.





Professor and Author

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John Redden

John Redden

Professor and Author

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